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Today, the most effective editorial projects take a multi-product approach, creating platform strategies (broadcast vs. mobile vs. desktop) that anticipate and fulfill audiences’ needs, wherever and whatever they are.

But audiences’ needs and expectations vary wildly according to where they are and what they’re doing—we call this “set” and “setting.” Think about how and what you consume in different contexts, in the car versus at your desk or after the kids are in bed.

BA Creative takes a problem-oriented approach to projects. That means we always ask, what is the audience / user problem you’re trying to solve? Why is your solution the best? And if your solution isn’t the best, how do we make it better?

Then, we create editorial, audience development and capacity building goals so that your project can build toward success, rather than just assume it.

BACreative helps you create strategies and manage development so your strengths are amplified. Every time.

What we know

  • What makes really great radio (or “audio”)
  • What makes an awesome website or app
  • How to build award-winning shows from scratch
  • How to define and produce multi-product content initiatives (websites, podcasts, apps)
  • How to design, develop and/or tweak systems so that your current staff can be more efficient, more creative and have more fun
  • How to build new business models around content, including crowdfunding, direct audience support and advertising

What we do

  • Apply entrepreneurial thinking to all projects, big and small
  • Create editorial, audience development and impact strategies that build organizational capacity along the way
  • Make great ideas real—new apps, new shows, new sites, new platforms
  • Train your teams to make better stuff
  • Project manage single- and multi-platform digital projects drawing on our roster trusted, reliable & cost-effective designers and developers
  • Edit content and fine-tune projects for maximum impact

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