Radio Trainings

Effective radio takes a cultivated presence, specialized skills and, yes, a bag of tricks.

BACreative’s trainings work with your teams’ schedules and your organization’s budget. We extend our audience-first approach to your broadcast (or podcast) teams. You’ll hear results immediately.

Your session was exactly what our newsroom needed right now. I’ve noticed a difference already in the quality of stories on our air.

—Karen Feagans, VP Content, WJCT-FM

All of our trainings are single-day to weeklong curricula that we customize for individuals and groups according to skill level and overall goals.

Creativity on Deadline (Reporting & producing)

Newsrooms are attracting and hiring high-caliber talent from across the mass media. But audio is different. And even the most talented new hires may not be aware of how production can & should vary to most effectively tell stories. Our Reporting & Producing seminar starts with deep listening and quickly moves into nuts-and-bolts production. Reporters learn new writing, voicing and production techniques to bring out their on-air personality and make the most of even the shortest, hard news spots. Your teams will start immediately creating new driveway (and mobile phone) moments.

Editing for the Ear

Strong editing is more important today than ever before – both to maintain journalistic standards and create stories that grab audiences and don’t let go. Editing for the ear means guiding reporters in tape selection, production technique and helping choose best approaches and best practices. BACreative’s workshop for editors helps even new-to-radio editors get off the page and use their ears.

Cultivating Your On-Air Personality (Hosting)

On-air presence is the most important skill for a radio broadcaster. The best hosts and reporters lead listeners on a journey, feeding curiosity and creating a personal, one-to-one relationship. BACreative’s hosting workshop quickly dives deep into what makes your unique host tick. Together, we surface the best on-air presence for her or him and your show.

Podcasting Bootcamp

Creating a successful podcast is a lot more than pressing record and hitting publish. Who’s your target audience? How do you reach them? How do you create a listening experience that will resonate? What gear and software do you need? And what about monetization? Podcasting Bootcamp takes you all the way from initial idea to your first downloads. We build on your skills and give you everything you need to get up and running fast.