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Andrew Mason, best known as the ousted CEO of Groupon, has a new startup called Detour. He’s hired some of the best producers in public radio to help create a new kind of gorgeous, location-based audio experiences. I’ve written about it here.

But even as far as mobile technology’s come, it’s still extremely difficult to create precisely targeted, geo-located content.

Detour’s even more ambitious because the company is attempting to translate expensive content production models into a market—mobile—where the overwhelming consumer expectation is for free, yet extremely high quality, user experiences.

Detour hired BA Creative to come up with models for scaling production outside of its hometown of San Francisco; and to provide high levels of editorial standards and practices for all Detour productions.

BA Creative leveraged its network to find a stable of eager content creators ready to jump into this new project. We did an analysis of barriers to user acquisition and came up with multi-leveled solutions to overcome them. We began to contain content creation costs without impacting the user experience and helped Detour begin to chart a course toward global expansion.