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The Verge covers our Malibu beach party

Awesome tech / news site The Verge sent Trent Wolbe – awesome writer and generally great guy – to cover our Malibu beach party, marking the official launch of Our Malibu Beaches.

It was a great day and Trent got what a lot of reporters have missed about our work on this app – it’s much more than a one-off project. This is about redefining journalism in a truly audience-centered way.

Today, audiences aren’t content being “consumers.” They want to engage – help with news gathering, interact with reporters and subjects, help distribute and change outcomes (and the world) for the better.

In other words, news for news’s sake ain’t enough.

As journalists, we need to ask ourselves, “What is the problem this work is addressing for our audiences? And how do we solve that problem most effectively?”

The answer isn’t usually going to be, “Work alone for a few days and then publish an article on a website or talk for 5 mins on tv or radio.”

David Geffen’s beach is yours: crash Malibu’s secret oceanside hotspots with your iPhone

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